Minutes, circa 1 May 1832

Minutes of a meeting of the United Firm.
Oliver Cowdery. Clerk of Conference. and printer to the Church.
Sidney Rigdon Counsellors of President.
William W. Phelps, printer to the Church
Jesse Gause Counsellor to the President (denied the faith)
Resolved that A. S. Gilbert & Newel K. Whitney be appointed  agents to act in the name of this Firm.
Resolved that whenever any special business occur it shall be  the duty of the United Firm by their branches at Jackson County  Missiouri & Geauga County Ohio to regulate the same by special agency.
Resolved That the Firm loan fifteen thousand dollars for five  years or longer at six per cent anually or semianually as the agreement  can be made, & that N. K. Whitney & co. be appointed to negotiate the same.
Closed. Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon.
Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conferenc. [p. 26]
Previous revelations instructed the church to organize businesses to manage its financial and publishing concerns. Minutes of meetings held over a six-day period, from 26 April to 1 May 1832, reflected efforts to establish both the Literary and United firms. This particular text dealt primarily with the United Firm, which eventually supported publishing efforts of the Literary Firm and operated other church enterprises.
Ebenezer Robinson recorded this text in Minute Book 2 in spring 1838, apparently relying on minutes taken at the time of the conference in May 1832.