Ordination of George A. Smith, 1 March 1835

Thou shalt go forth and carry the gospel to the nations  who sits in darkness, we seal upon thee the power of  this ministry, if thou art faithfull from this hour  thou wilt receive a blessing fulness of joy, thou  shalt ask and the lord will give thee , shalt <ask> and  he will give again, thou shalt see the glory of the lord  thou shalt see great things and contemplate mighty  things, thy hart shall desire to see thee worth of the god  roll on and thou shall see it, we seal another blessing  upon thee thou shalt return with thy breathren  here, after thou hast labored much and suffered  much, and thy comming in shall be greater than  thy going out these blessings we confer upon  thee in the name of Jesus Amen
Given under the hands of Joseph Smith Sen
March 1st. 1835
Joseph Smith Junior
Ordination, JS and Sidney Rigdon to George A. Smith, Kirtland, OH, 1 Mar. 1835; handwriting of Bathsheba Smith; one page; George A. Smith Papers, CHL. Includes endorsements.