Petition to United States Congress, 29 November 1839

Petitioned, and their Petitions have been  treated with silence & contempt. Shall  they apply to the Courts Federal Courts?  They were at the time <of the injury> Citizens of the State  of Missouri— Shall they apply to the courts  of the State of Missouri? Whom sh◊◊◊  they s◊◊◊, The order for their destruction  their extermination was granted by  the Executive of the State of Missouri.  Is not this a peice of justification  for the acts of individuals done in  pursuance of that order? If not before  whom shall the mormons institute  a trial? Should they summon as Jury of  the individuals who composed the Mob  an appeal to them were in vain—  They dare [not?] go to Missouri to institute a suit. Their  lives would be in danger.
<Octr. 23d>
<Petition to Congress  for redress>
<(ab. 29 Nov. 1839)>

Insertions in the handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

[p. 35]
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Elias Higbee, petition, Washington DC, to United States Congress, Washington DC, ca. 29 Nov. 1839; handwriting of Elias Higbee with corrections by Thomas Bullock and probably Robert D. Foster; 35 pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.