Revelation, 10 January 1832 [D&C 73]

Hiram Portage county ohio Jan. 10th 1832
A Revelation to Joseph. and Sidney [Rigdon]. The word of the  Lord unto them Concerning the Elders of the church  of the Living God established in the last days,  making known the will of the Lord unto the Elders  what they shall do untill conference. For For verily  thus saith the Lord it is expediant in me that they  should continue preaching the gospel and in exhorta tion to the churches in the reagions round about  untill conference and behold then it shall be made  known unto them by the voice of the conference their  severall missions.
Now verily I say unto my Servents Joseph and Sidney  saith the Lord it is expedient to translate again and inasmuch as it is expedient practicable to preach in the  reagions round about untill conference and after that  it is expedient to continue the work of translating translation  untill it be finished. And let this be a pattern unto  the Elders untill further knowledge even as it is written  and now I give no more unto you at this time gird  up your loines and be sober even so Amen [1/2 page blank] [p. [1]]
At a 6 September 1831 conference held at Nelson, Ohio, Ezra Booth was “silenced from preaching as an Elder.” Booth, a prominent Methodist minister before joining the Church of Christ, became disaffected during a mission to Missouri. He published his detailed criticisms of JS and the early church in the Ravenna Ohio Star in fall 1831.
JS promptly dispatched a company of elders to counter Booth’s allegations, but a December 1831 revelation instructed him and Sidney Rigdon to personally address the issue. As directed, JS and Rigdon invited their “enemies” to meet them “in public and in private.” This revelation terminated JS and Rigdon’s campaign and instructed them to return to work on a revision of the Bible.
Rigdon transcribed this text. John Whitmer incorporated a copy into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “A Revelation given Hiram Portage County Ohio January 10. 1832.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation, giving the date of January 1832 but no location.