Revelation, 16 and 17 December 1833 [D&C 101]

avenge me of mine adver[s]ary and he would  not for a while but afterward he said  within himself though I fear not God nor  regard man yet because this widow  troubleth me I will avenge her lest  by her continual coming she weary  me thus will I liken the children of  Zion let them impertune at the feet  of the judge and if he heed them  not let them impertune at the feet of  the Govoner and if the Govoner heed them  not let them importune at the feet  of the President and if the President  heed them not then will the Lord arise  and come forth out of his <hiding> place &  in his fury vex the nation and in  his hot displeasure and in his fierce  ander [anger] in his time will cut off these  wicked unfaithful and unjust stew ards and appoint them their portion  among hypocrits and unbelievers even  in outer darkness where there is weeping  and wailing and gnashing of teeth  pray ye therefore that their ears may  be opened to unto your cries that I may  be merciful unto them that these things  come not upon them what I have said  unto you must needs be that all men  may be left without excuse that wise  men and rulers may hear and know  that which I <they> have never considered  that I may procede to bring to pass  my act my strange act and perform  my work my strange work that men [p. 82]
This revelation, dictated in the aftermath of the violent expulsion of church members from Jackson County, Missouri, provided direction on a variety of questions and concerns raised by those events. Along with explaining the cause of the displacement, it discussed the future of Zion and counseled the Missouri church not to sell Jackson County lands but to petition the government for redress.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2, without a preface or conclusion. John Whitmer entered the text into Revelation Book 1. A broadside, printed no later than 19 January 1834, also included the revelation. The Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph published a version as “A Scrap of Mormonism” in the 24 January 1834 edition. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes this revelation with a date of December 1833.