Revelation, 22 June 1834 [D&C 105]

not the things which I have revealed unto them, and talk not of  judgments, neither boast of faith nor of mighty works, but carefully gather  together as much in one region as can be constantly consistantly with  the feelings of the people; and behold, I will give unto you favor and  grace in their eyes, that you may rest in peace and safety, while  you are saying unto the people, Execute judgment and justice for us,  according to law, and redress us of our wrongs.
Now behold, I say unto you my friends, in this way you may find  favor in the eyes of the people until the army of Israel has become  very great, and I will soften the hearts of the people as I did the heart  of Pharaoh, from time to time, until my servant Joseph, and mine  elders

A male leader in the church generally; an ecclesiastical and priesthood office or one holding that office; a proselytizing missionary. The Book of Mormon explained that elders ordained priests and teachers and administered “the flesh and blood of Christ unto...

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, whom he shall appoint, shall have time to gather up the  strength of mine house, and to have sent wise men to fulfil  that which I have commanded

Generally, a divine mandate that church members were expected to obey; more specifically, a text dictated by JS in the first-person voice of deity that served to communicate knowledge and instruction to JS and his followers. Occasionally, other inspired texts...

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concerning the purchasing of all the  lands in Jackson county

Settled at Fort Osage, 1808. County created, 16 Feb. 1825; organized 1826. Named after U.S. president Andrew Jackson. Featured fertile lands along Missouri River and was Santa Fe Trail departure point, which attracted immigrants to area. Area of county reduced...

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that can be purchased, and in the ad journing counties round about; for it is my will that these lands  should be purchased; and after they are purchased, that my saints  should possess them according to the law of consecration

The dedicating of money, lands, goods, or one’s own life for sacred purposes. Both the New Testament and Book of Mormon referred to some groups having “all things common” economically; the Book of Mormon also referred to individuals who consecrated or dedicated...

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which  I have given. And after these lands are purchased I will hold  the armies of Israel guiltless in taking possession of their own lands,  and of throwing down the towers of mine enemies that may be be  upon them, and scattering their watchmen and avenging me of  mine enemies, unto the third and forth generation of them that  hate me. But firstly let my army become very great, and let  it be sanctified before me, that it may become fair as the  sun, and clear as the moon, and that her banners may be  terrible unto all nations, that the kingdoms of this world  may be constrained to acknowledge that the kingdom of Zion,  is, in very deed deed, the kingdom of our God and his Christ;  therefore, let us become subject unto her laws.
Verily, I say unto you, it is expedient in me that the first elders

In 1830, JS was designated by revelation as the “first elder” in the specific sense of his authority as the church’s presiding priesthood officer. During the period before the elaboration of church offices, he functioned in this role with Oliver Cowdery as...

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 of my church

The Book of Mormon related that when Christ set up his church in the Americas, “they which were baptized in the name of Jesus, were called the church of Christ.” The first name used to denote the church JS organized on 6 April 1830 was “the Church of Christ...

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should receive their endowment

The terms endow, endowed, and endowment—as well as endued and enduement—were used to describe the bestowal of spiritual blessings upon the Latter-day Saints. In common usage, these terms meant essentially the same thing: to clothe, to put on, to furnish, ...

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from on high in mine  house

The official name for the sacred edifice in Kirtland, Ohio, later known as the Kirtland temple; also the official name for other planned religious structures in Missouri. JS and the Latter-day Saints also referred to the House of the Lord in Kirtland as “...

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which I have commanded to be built unto my name in the  land of Kirtland

Located ten miles south of Lake Erie. Settled by 1811. Organized by 1818. Population in 1830 about 55 Latter-day Saints and 1,000 others; in 1838 about 2,000 Saints and 1,200 others; in 1839 about 100 Saints and 1,500 others. Mormon missionaries visited township...

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, and let those commandments which I have given concerning [p. 99]
Revelation, Fishing River, MO, 22 June 1834; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery

3 Oct. 1806–3 Mar. 1850. Clerk, teacher, justice of the peace, lawyer, newspaper editor. Born at Wells, Rutland Co., Vermont. Son of William Cowdery and Rebecca Fuller. Raised Congregationalist. Moved to western New York and clerked at a store, ca. 1825–1828...

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; in Revelation Book 2, pp. 97–100; Revelations Collection, CHL.