Revelation, 23 April 1834 [D&C 104]

April 23, 1834
Verily, I say unto you my friends,  I give unto you counsel & a comman dment concerning all the properties  which belong to the Firm, which I  commanded to be organized & estab lished to be a a United Firm, &  an everlasting Firm, for the be nifit of my church, & for the  salvation of men until I come,  with promise immutible &  unchangeable, that inasmuch  as those whom I commanded  were faithful, they should be  blessed with multiplicity  of blessings; but inasmuch as  they were not faithful, they were  nigh unto cursing. Therefore [p. [19]]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 23 Apr. 1834; handwriting of Orson Pratt; in Book of Commandments Book C, [pp. 19–43]; Revelations Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.