Revelation, 29 August 1832 [D&C 99]

as a little child receiveth my Kingdom  and blessed are they for they shall obtain  mercy, and whoso rejecteth you shall be rejected  of my Father and his house and you shall  cleanse your feet in the secret places by  the way for a testamony against them and  behold and lo I come quickly to judgment  to convince all of their ungodly deeds which  they have commited against me as it is  writen of me in the volum of the book  and now verely I say unto you that it is  not expedient that you should go untill  your children are provided for and kindly  sent up unto the Bishop in Zion, and  after a few years if thou desirest of me  thou mayest go up also unto the goo[d]ly  land to possess thine in heritence otherwise  thou shalt continue proclaiming my  gospel untill thou be taken Amen—
by Joseph the seer and writen by—
John Murdock is perhaps best known for arranging to have JS and Emma Smith adopt his newborn twins after his wife died in childbirth in April 1831. At the time of his wife’s death, he had three other children. This revelation counsels him to send them to Missouri to be placed under the custody of Bishop Edward Partridge, which he did in September.
Frederick G. Williams recorded this text in Revelation Book 2, possibly as early as August or September 1832. It appears without a title but with the date and location of “Hiram Portage County Ohio August 29th. 1832.” John Whitmer copied the text into Revelation Book 1 as “Revelation given Hiram Portage County August 29. 1832.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation with a date of August 1832 but no location.