Revelation, 3 November 1835

Thus came the word of  the Lord unto me saying concerning the, Twelve <saying>
behold they are under condemnation, because they  have not been sufficiently humble in my  sight, and in consequence of their covetous  desires, in that they have not dealt equally  with each other in the division of the moneys  which came into their hands, nevertheless some  of them, dealt equally therefore they shall be  rewarded, but Verily I say unto you they must  all humble themselves before Me, before they will  be accounted worthy to receive an endowment  to go forth in my name unto all nations,  as for my Servant William [Smith] let the Eleven  humble themselves in prayer and in faith [p. 17]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 3 Nov. 1835; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 17–19; JS Collection, CHL.