Revelation, 30 August 1831 [D&C 63]

and ye receive the spirit through prayer wherefore without this there remain eth condemnation. Let my servants Joseph & Sidney seek them a home as they  are led taught through the spirit prayer by the spirit these things remain to  overcome through patience that such may receive a more exceeding & eternal  weight of glory otherwise a greater condemnation Amen.
Given by Joseph the Seer in Kirtland August 31, 1831  and written by Oliver—— [p. [3]]
JS and his party returned to Kirtland, Ohio, from Missouri on 27 August 1831.  JS instructed Ohio members, who were eager for direction regarding the gathering to Missouri, on the precise location for Zion and its temple. However, in JS’s absence a number of elders had apostatized.
This revelation addressed both issues, calling for a spiritual reformation among the “churches” in Ohio and also elaborating on the establishment of Zion. Much of the revelation articulated a rational and paced approach to the building up of Zion, including specific provisions for raising the necessary funds.
Oliver Cowdery inscribed this text on 31 August 1831 in Kirtland, Ohio, for Newel K. Whitney. Cowdery and Whitney likely used that same copy as they toured the branches with Sidney Rigdon’s epistle to the churches, also dated 31 August 1831. John Whitmer copied the text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “66 Commandment received at Kirtland Geauga Ohio August 30th, 1831,” sometime in September 1831. Sidney Gilbert also copied it into his revelation notebook in September 1832. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates the revelation to August 1831 at Kirtland, Ohio, while the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants gives the same date but no location.