Revelation, circa Early 1830

23 Commandment AD 1830
Behold I the Lord am God I Created the Heavens & the Earth  & all things that in them is wherefore they are mine & I sway  my scepter over all the Earth & ye are in my hands to will &  to do that I can deliver you out of evry difficulty & affliction  according to your faith & dilligence & uprightness Before me  & I have covenanted with my Servent that earth nor Hell  combined against him shall not take the Blessing out of  his hands which I have prepared for him if he walketh  uprightly before me neither the spiritual nor the temporal [p. 30]
This revelation granted JS permission to sell the right to publish the Book of Mormon in Canada. He asked Oliver Cowdery, Hiram Page, Josiah Stowell, and Joseph Knight Sr. to travel to Upper Canada to secure a publisher. There, in Kingston, Ontario, and later in York (now Toronto), they were unable to find a publisher willing to purchase a copyright.
Although mentioned in several reminiscenses, the text of this revelation remained unknown until Revelation Book 1 became available. There it is identified as “23 Commandment AD 1830” and was recorded by John Whitmer between March and June 1831. No other copies are extant.