Revelation, March 1838 [D&C 113]

Quest. on Scripture.
1st. Who is the stem of Jessee spoken of  in the 1st. 2d. 3d. 4th. and 5th. verses  of the 11th. Chap. of Isiah.
Ans. Verely thus saith the Lord It is Christ
Q. 2d. What is the Rod spoken of in the 1st.  verse of the 11th. verse Chap. that shoud  come of the stem of Jessee.
Ans. Behold thus saith <the Lord> it is a servant in the  hands of Christ who is partly a decendant  of Jessee as well as of Ephraim or of the  house of Joseph, on whome thare is  Laid much power.
Qest 3d. What is the Root of Jessee spoken of  in the 10th. verse of the 11th. Chap.
Ans. Behold thus saith the Lord; it is a  decendant of Jessee as well as of Joseph  unto whom rightly belongs the Priesthood  and the kees of the Kingdom for an  ensign and for the geathering of my  people in the Last day.— [p. 17]
Revelation, Far West, MO, Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sept. 1838, pp. 17–18; CHL.