Revelation, March 1838 [D&C 113]

1st. Q. What is ment by the command in Isiah 52d. Chap  1st. verse which saith Put on thy strength  O Zion and what people had I[sa]iah referance  to
A. He had reference to those whome God should  call in the last day’s who should hold the  power of Priesthood to bring again zion  and the redemption of Israel.
 And to put on her strength is to put on the  authority of the priesthood which she  (zion) has a right to by lineage: Also to  return to that power which she had  lost
Ques. 2d. What are we to understand by zions  loosing herself from the bands of her  neck 2d. verse.
A. We are to understand that the scattered  remnants are exorted to to return to  the Lord from whence they have fal[l]en  which if they do the promise of the Lord  is that he will speak to them or give  them revelation See 6th. 7th. and 8th.  verses The bands of her neck are  the curses of God upon her or the remn ants of Israel in their scattered condition  among the Gentiles. [p. 18]
Revelation, Far West, MO, Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sept. 1838, pp. 17–18; CHL.