Vision, 16 February 1832 [D&C 76]

and some of Isaiah some of Enoch but received not the  gospel neither the testamony of Jesus neither the prophets  neither the everlasting covenants last of all these <all> are  they who will not be gathered with the saints to be caught  up unto the church of the first born and received into  into the cloud these are they who are liars and sorseres [sorcerers]  and adulterers and whoremongers and whosoever loveth  and maketh a lie these are they who suffer the wrath of  God on the earth these are they who suffer the vengence  of eternal fire these are they who are cast down to  hill [hell] and suffer the wrath of Almighty God untill  the fulness of times when christ shall have subdued  all enemies under his feet and shall have perfected  his work when he shall deliver up the Kingdom  and present it unto the father spotless saying I have  overcome and have troden the winepress alone even  the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Alm ighty God then shall he be crowned with the crown  of his glory to sit on the throne of his power to reign  for ever and ever, but behold and lo we saw the  glory of the Telestial world that they were in number  as innumerable as the stars in the firmament of  heaven, or as the sand upon the sea shore and herd  the voice of the Lord saying these all shall bow the  knee and evry tongue shall confess to him who  sitteth upon the throne for ever and ever for  they shall be judged according to there works and  every man shall receive according to his own works  and his own dominion in the mansions which are  prepared, they shall be servants of the most high  but where God and christ dwels they cannot come  worlds without end this is the end of the vision  which we saw which we were commanded to  write while we were yet in the spirit, [p. 9]
The religious world contemporary to the church’s founding customarily classified humans as either saints or sinners, righteous or wicked, bound for heaven or hell. But JS concluded that the concept of heaven “must include more kingdoms than one.” On 16 February 1832, while working on a revision of the Bible, JS and Sidney Rigdon reported a vision of the premortal and postmortal worlds. This revelation identified three heavenly glories and also described a graded afterlife. JS stated that “nothing could be more pleasing to the Saint.”
JS and Frederick G. Williams copied this text into Revelation Book 2 between 4 March and 8 March 1832. Simply identified as “the Vision,” it is dated 16 February 1832 at Portage County, Hiram Township, Ohio. John Whitmer later recorded the text in Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “A Vision of Joseph and Sidney 16 February 1832 given in Portage County, Hiram Township, Ohio.” Sidney Gilbert also copied it into his revelation notebook in 1832. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation, with the subheading “A Vision,” but gave no date or location.