Vision, 16 February 1832 [D&C 76]

Frederick G. Williams handwriting begins.  

The Vision
A vision of Joseph & Sidney [Rigdon] February 16th. 1832   given in Portage County Hiram Township State of Ohio  in North Ame[r]ica which they saw concerning the  church of the first born and concerning the economy  of God and his vast creation througout all eternity Here O ye heavens & give ere [ear] O earth and rejoice  ye inhabitants thereof for the lord he is God  and beside him there is none else for great is  his wisdom, marvilous are his ways and the  extent of his doings none can find out[.] his  purposes fail not neither are there any who can  stay his hand, from eternity to eternity, he is  the same and his years never fail I the Lord  am merciful and gracious unto them who fear  me and delight to honor them who serve me  in righteousness and in truth great shall be  their reward and Eternal Shall be their glory and unto  them will I reveal all my misteries yea all the hiden  misteries of my Kingdom from days of old and for  ages to come will I make Known unto them the good  pleasure of my will concerning all things to come yea  

Frederick G. Williams handwriting begins.  

even the wonders of eternity shall they know and things  to come will I shew them even the things of many  generations there wisdom shall be great and there  understanding reach to heaven and before them  the wisdom of the wise shall perish and the  understanding of the prudent shall come to naught  for by my spirit will I enlighten them and by  my power will I make known unto them the  secrets of my will yea even those things which  eye has not seen nor ear heard nor yet  entered into the heart of man
We Joseph & Sidney being in the Spirit on the [p. 1]
The religious world contemporary to the church’s founding customarily classified humans as either saints or sinners, righteous or wicked, bound for heaven or hell. But JS concluded that the concept of heaven “must include more kingdoms than one.” On 16 February 1832, while working on a revision of the Bible, JS and Sidney Rigdon reported a vision of the premortal and postmortal worlds. This revelation identified three heavenly glories and also described a graded afterlife. JS stated that “nothing could be more pleasing to the Saint.”
JS and Frederick G. Williams copied this text into Revelation Book 2 between 4 March and 8 March 1832. Simply identified as “the Vision,” it is dated 16 February 1832 at Portage County, Hiram Township, Ohio. John Whitmer later recorded the text in Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “A Vision of Joseph and Sidney 16 February 1832 given in Portage County, Hiram Township, Ohio.” Sidney Gilbert also copied it into his revelation notebook in 1832. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation, with the subheading “A Vision,” but gave no date or location.