Affidavit, 29 November 1841

City of Nauvoo, Ill.,
Nov. 29th A. D. 1841.
To the Public:—
The transpiration of recent events  makes it criminal for me to remain long er silent. The tongue of the vile yet  speaks, and sends forth the poison of asps —the ears of the spoiler yet hear, and he  puts forth his hands to iniquity. It has  been proclaimed upon the house-top and  in the secret chamber, in the public walks  and private circle, throughout the length  and breadth of this vast continent, that  stealing by the Latter Day Saints has re ceived my approval; nay, that I have taught  the doctrine, encouraged them in plunder,  and led on the van—than which nothing is  more foreign from my heart. I disfel lowship the perpetrators of all such abom inations—they are devils and not saints,  totally unfit for the society of Christians,  or men. It is true that some professing  to be Latter Day Saints have taught such  vile heresies, but all are not Israel that  are of Israel; and I wish it to be distinct ly understood in all coming time, that the  church over which I have the honor of  presiding will ever set its brows like brass,  and its face like steel, against all such  abominable acts of villany and crime; and  to this end I append my affidavit of disa vowal taken this day before General [John C.] Ben nett, that there may be no mistake here [p. 617]
JS, Affidavit, Nauvoo, IL, 29 Nov. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 1 Dec. 1841, 3:617–618.