Articles of Agreement, 2 January 1837

Minutes of a meeting of the members  of the Kirtland Safety Society,”  held on the 2d day of January, 1837.
At a special meeting of the Kirtland  Safety Society, two thirds of the mem bers being present, S[idney] Rigdon was call ed to the Chair, and W[arren] Parrish cho sen Secretary.
The house was called to order, and  the object of the meeting explained by  the chairman; which was:
1st. To annul the old constitution,  which was adopted by the society, on  the 2d day of November, 1836: which  was, on motion, by the unanimous voice  of the meeting, annulled.
2nd. To adopt Articles of Agree ment, by which the Kirtland Safety  Society are to be governed.
After much discussion and investi gation, the following Preamble and Ar ticles of Agreement were adopted, by  the unanimous voice of the meeting.
We, the undersigned subscribers, for  the promotion of our temporal interests,  and for the better management of our  different occupations, which consist in  agriculture, mechanical arts, and mer chandising; do hereby form ourselves  into a firm or company for the before  mentioned objects, by the name of the  “Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking  Company,” and for the proper man agement of said firm, we individually  and jointly enter into, and adopt, the  following Articles of Agreement.
Art. 1st. The capitol stock of said  society or firm shall not be less than  four millions of dollars; to be divided  into shares of fifty dollars each; and  may be increased to any amount, at  the discretion of the managers.
Art. 2d. The management of said  company shall be under the supernin tendence of thirty-two managers, to be  chosen annually by, and from among  the members of the same; each mem ber being entitled to one vote for each [p. 441]
Articles of Agreement, 2 Jan. 1837; Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, Jan. 1837, pp. 441-443.