“Articles of the Church of Christ,” June 1829

A commandment from God unto Oliver [Cowdery] how he should build up  his Church & the manner thereof——
Saying Oliver listen to the voice of Christ your Lord & your God & your  Redeemer & write the words which I shall command you concerning my Church  my Gospel my Rock & my Salvation. Behold the world is ripening in in iquity & it must needs be that the children of men are stirred up unto repentance  both the Gentiles & also the House of Israel for behold I command all men every where to repent & I speak unto you even as unto Paul mine apostle for ye are  called even with that same calling with which he was called Now therefore whoso ever repenteth & humbleth himself before me & desireth to be baptized in my  name shall ye baptize them And after this manner did he command me that  I should baptize them Behold ye shall go down & stand in the water & in my  name shall ye baptize them And now behold these are the words which ye  shall say calling them by name saying Having authority given me of Jesus Christ  I baptize you in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Ghost Amen  And then shall ye immerse them in the water & come forth again out of the water  & after this manner shall ye baptize in my name For behold verily I say unto you  That the Father & the Son & the Holy Ghost are one & I am in the Father & the Father  in me & the Father & I are one
And ye are also called to ordain Priests & Teachers according to the gifts & callings of God  unto men & after this manner shall ye ordain them Ye shall pray unto the Father  in my name & then shall ye lay your hands upon them & say In the name of Jesus  Christ I ordain you to be a Priest or if he be a Teacher I ordain you to be a Teacher  to preach repentance & remission of sins through Jesus Christ by the endurance of faith on his  name to the end Amen And this shall be the duty of the Priest He shall kneel down  & the members of the Church shall kneel also which Church shall be called  The Church of Christ & he shall pray to the Father in my name for the church & if it  so be that it be built upon my Rock I will bless it And after that ye have prayed  to the Father in my name ye shall preach the truth in soberness casting out none from  among you but rather invite them to come And the Church shall oft partake  of bread & wine & after this manner shall ye partake of it The Elder or Priest  shall minister it & after this manner shall he do he shall kneel with the Church  & pray to the Father in the name of Christ & then shall ye say O God the Eternal Father [p. [1]]
Earlier, Revelation, June 1829–B [D&C 18] had instructed Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer regarding baptism and ordination. In particular, they were to rely on the teachings of the Book of Mormon. In composing this document, Cowdery drew on the earlier revelation and the Book of Mormon itself, especially material from 3 Nephi and Moroni.
Although this document was included in Revelation Book 1, it was never published during JS’s lifetime. It may have been excluded because a subsequent text, the “Articles and Covenants of the Church of Christ” [D&C 20], incorporates part of this revelation and was adopted as the early church’s constitution. The latter covers much of the same ground as Cowdery’s “articles” while providing additional instruction regarding ministerial orders, basic beliefs, and historical origin.
Cowdery drafted this text in 1829, perhaps as early as June. Because of nonextant, missing pages from Revelation Book 1, that source contains only a partial copy of the commandment.