“Articles of the Church of Christ,” June 1829

And now I speak unto the Church Repent all ye ends of the Earth & come  unto me & be baptized in my name which is Jesus Christ & endure to the end &  ye shall be saved Behold Jesus Christ is the name which is given of the Father &  there is none other name given whereby man can be saved Therefore all men must  take upon them the name which is given of the Father for in that name shall they  be called at the last <day> Therefore if they know not the name by which they are  called they cannot have place in the Kingdom of my Father Behold ye must walk  uprightly before me & sin not & if ye do walk uprightly before me & sin not my grace  is sufficient for you that ye shall be lifted up at the last day Behold I am  Jesus Christ the Son of the liveing God I am the same which came unto my own  & my own received me not I am the light which shineth in darkness & the darkness com prehendeth it not these words are not of men nor of man but of me Now remem ber the words of him who is the first & the last the light & the life of the world  And I Jesus Christ your Lord & your God & your Redeemer by the power of my  Spirit hath spoken it Amen—— And now if I have not authority to write  these things judge ye behold ye shall know that I have authority when you & I  shall be brought to stand before the j[u]dgement seat of Christ Now may [the grace]  of God the Father & our Lord Jesus Christ be & abide with you all & fi[na] lly save you Eternally in his Kingdom through the Infinite atonement which is  in Jesus Christ Amen—— Behold I am Oliver I am an Apostle  of Jesus Christ by the will of God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ  Behold I have written the things which he hath commanded me for behold  his word was unto me as a burning fire shut up in my bones & I was weary with  forbearing & I could forbear no longer Amen——
Written in the yea[r] of our Lord & Saviour 1829—— A true copy  of the articles of the Church of Christ &c [p. [3]]
Earlier, Revelation, June 1829–B [D&C 18] had instructed Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer regarding baptism and ordination. In particular, they were to rely on the teachings of the Book of Mormon. In composing this document, Cowdery drew on the earlier revelation and the Book of Mormon itself, especially material from 3 Nephi and Moroni.
Although this document was included in Revelation Book 1, it was never published during JS’s lifetime. It may have been excluded because a subsequent text, the “Articles and Covenants of the Church of Christ” [D&C 20], incorporates part of this revelation and was adopted as the early church’s constitution. The latter covers much of the same ground as Cowdery’s “articles” while providing additional instruction regarding ministerial orders, basic beliefs, and historical origin.
Cowdery drafted this text in 1829, perhaps as early as June. Because of nonextant, missing pages from Revelation Book 1, that source contains only a partial copy of the commandment.