Blessing for Hyrum Smith, circa 15–28 September 1835

Blessed of the Lord is my brother Hyrum [Smith] for the integrity of his heart: he shall be girt about with <truth> strength  and faithfulness shall be the strength of his loins. From generation to generation he shall be a shaft in the  hand of his God to execute judgment upon his enemies: and he shall be hid by the hand of the Lord that none of his  secret parts shall be discovered unto his enemies, unto his hurt. His name shall be called a blessing among men. His  acquaintance shall be among kings, and he shall be sought for that he may sit in council, by nations and  kings that are afar off; and thousands of souls, shall he be an instrument in the hand of his God in bringing  unto salvation. And when he is in trouble, and great tribulation has come upon him, he shall remember  the God of Jacob, and he shall shield him from the power of satan. He shall receive counsel in the house of  the Most high that he may be strengthened in hope. He shall be as a cooling spring that breaketh forth  at the foot of the mountain, overshadowed with choice trees bowed down with rip[e] fruit, that  yieldeth both nourishment to the appetite and quencheth the thirst, thereby yielding refreshment to the  weary traveller: and the goings of his feet shall ever be by streams of living water. He shall not fail  nor want for knowledge, for the Lord his God shall put forth his hand and lift him up and shall call  upon him with his voice in the way wherein he is travelling, that he may be established forever. He shal[l]  stand in the tracts of his father and be numbered among those who hold the right of patriarchal priest hood, even the evangelical priesthood and power shall be upon him, that in his old age, his name may  be magnified on the earth. Behold he shall be blessed with an abundance of riches of the earth: gold, sil ver, and treasures of precious stones, of diamonds and platina [platinum]. His chariots shall be numerous, and  his cattle shall multiply abundantly: horses, mules, asses, camels, dromedaries, and swift beasts,  that he may magnify the name of the Lord and benefit the poor. Yea, this shall be the desire of  his soul, to comfort the needy and bind up the broken in heart. His children shall be many  and his posterity numerous, and they shall rise up and call him blessed. And he shall have  eternal life. Amen.
Oliver Cowdery, Clerk and Recorder.
Given in Kirtland, December 18, 1833, and recorded September, 1835. [p. 10]
Blessing, JS to Hyrum Smith, Kirtland, OH, Sept. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, p. 10; CHL.