Blessing for John Whitmer, 22 September 1835

Blessed of the Lord is brother John <Whitmer>: he shall live to a good old age, and his generations after him shall be blessed.  He shall live to a good old age, and wax more and more steadfast in the work of the Lord, and he shall make a choice  record of Israel unto the memory of his name. He shall truly be chastened wherein he steps aside, yet he shall es cape the hand of the Destroyer, and shall never fall by the hands of his enemies: and he shall be avenged of the  wrongs he has sustained by them. He shall be blessed, and a means of bringing many blessings upon his fa ther’s family. He shall be blessed with abundance of the good things of this earth, with houses and lands, in the  fruit of the field, with horses and with asses and with she asses, with gold and with silver, and with precious  stones, even the things of the lasting mountains. He shall be made mighty in the hands of his God in bringing to  pass the redemption of Zion. The Lord shall be on his right hand and on his left; shall go before his face  and shall be his rearward, and shall turn aside all the shafts of the <his> enemies. And he shall go down to his <in> honor  and with gray hairs, to the grave, and shall be caught up in the cloud to meet the Lord, and shall ever be  with him; even so. Amen.
Oliver Cowdery, Clerk and Recorder.
Given September 22, 1835, and recorded October 2, 1835. [p. 14]
Blessing, JS to John Whitmer, Kirtland, OH, 22 Sept. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, p. 14; CHL.