Blessing for Lorenzo Barnes, 3 January 1836

The Eyes of The Lord Thy God  hav been upon Thee & Thou hast  done That which was most pleas ing in his sight for Thou hast  in Thy youth set out in his ser ves [service] & Thy Prayers & suplications  hav been herd & Thy Name is wr iten in Heaven for Angels To gaze  upon and Thou shalt be a swift  messinger To The Nations.
Thou art a desendant of Joseph  & of The Tribe of Epraim & The bless ings of Jacob & Joseph & are Thine  even The choise Blessings of Heaven  above & The Earth beneath & The full ness There of Because Thou hast  been faithful and hast not with held Thy Life from layinging  it down for Thy breathren Thou  art a chosen vessel unto The  Laord To bare The fullness of [p. 48]
Blessing, JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, to Lorenzo Barnes, Kirtland, OH, 2 Jan. 1836; handwriting probably that of Lorenzo Barnes; in Lorenzo Dow Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, pp. 47-52; CHL.