Blessing for Lorenzo Barnes, 3 January 1836

let Thy mind expand for it  is Thy privaleg To behold The  Heavens opened over Thy head to see  & converse with The Angel of God  for They shall appear unto Thee  in Thy ministry ya Thou shalt  behold The fase of Thy Redeemer  in The flesh Thou shalt hav com munion with The general assembly  & Church of The first born in Heaven  ya Thou shalt behold with Thine  eyes The glory of The Lord unt ill Thou shhalt be satisfied & Thou  shalt say it is a enough O Lord  it is enough Thou shalt  have all the desires of Thy heart  Thou shalt hav length of days  & Thy years shall be many
When Thy hears [hairs] shall be  gray Thou shalt be as in The vigur  of youth & Thy mind unimpared  Thou shalt remane untill The  coming of the Son of man in [p. 51]
Blessing, JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, to Lorenzo Barnes, Kirtland, OH, 2 Jan. 1836; handwriting probably that of Lorenzo Barnes; in Lorenzo Dow Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, pp. 47-52; CHL.