Blessing for Newel K. Whitney, 7 October 1835

of the good things of this earth, and his seed after him from generation to generation. And it shall come to pass,  that according to the measure that he meeteth out with a liberal hand unto the poor, so shall it be meas ured to him again, by the hand of his God, even an hundred fold. Angels shall guard his house, and shall  guard the lives of his posterity, and they shall become very great and very numerous on the earth.  Whomsoever he blesseth they shall be blessed: whomsoever he curseth they shall be cursed. And when his  enemies seek him unto his hurt and destruction let him rise up and curse, and the hand of God shall  be upon his enemies, in judgment, and they shall be utterly confounded and brought to desola tion. Therefore he shall be preserved unto the uttermost, and his life shall be precious in the sight of  the Lord. He shall rise up and shake himself, as a lion riseth out of his rest and roareth until he  shaketh the hills: and as a lion goeth forth among the lesser beasts, so shall the goings forth of him be  whom the Lord hath annointed to exalt the poor and humble the rich: Therefore his name shall  be on high and his rest among the sanctified.
Recorded January 22, 1836. [p. 34]
Blessing, JS to Newel K. Whitney, Kirtland, OH, 7 Oct. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book, pp. 33–34; CHL.