Blessing for Samuel Smith, 28 September 1835

Blessed of the Lord is brother Samuel [Smith], because the Lord shall say unto him, Samuel, Samuel:  therefore he shall be made a teacher in the house of the Lord, among the school of the prophets; and  the Lord shall mature his mind and correct his judgment, and he shall have a sound mind, and shall be  correct in his understanding; and he shall be like unto Abraham, of old, because of his faithfulness  and the integrity of his soul, and thereby he shall obtain the esteem and fellowship of his brethren; and  his soul shall be established and he shall benefit the house of the Lord, and also be an instrument  in the hands of his God, in spreading abroad upon the mountains, and among all nations, the fulness of  the everlasting gospel, because he shall obtain answer to prayer, in his faithfulness. His name shall be  choice, and he shall be held in everlasting honor, and shall prove a blessing unto his posterity after him,  from generation to generation, forever. He shall have an abundance of wealth <the> good things of the earth,  for he shall possess great wealth, while he lives, and in the liberality of his soul he shall benefit the  poor. He shall be likened unto the sun, that sheddeth forth his rays upon the mountains, and caus eth vegetation to bloom forth in all its splendor, and the earth to bring forth in her glorious apparel,  yielding her strength for the sustinance of man, by his warming influence;— so shall the voice of Sam uel be to the hearts of those that shall seek counsel at his hand in his old age. And his testimony shall  shine forth to the ends of the earth, and shall never be blotted out nor brought down from among  men. And when the Lord of glory shall descend [he] shall be able to endure the brightness of his glory and  dwell in the presence of God. Amen.
Oliver Cowdery, Clerk and Recorder.
Given, December 18th, 1833, and recorded September 28th, 1835. [p. 10]
Blessing, JS to Samuel Smith, Kirtland, OH, 28 Sept. 1835; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; in Patriarchal Blessing Book 1, p. 10; CHL.