Discourse, 19 July 1840

A few Item from a discourse  delivered by Joseph Smith  July 19— 1840
Read a chap in [Ezekiel] concluding  with this saying and when all these  things come to pass and Lo they will  come then shall you know that  a Prophet hath been among you
Afterwards read the parable of  the 12 olive trees and said speak ing of the Land of Zion that It  consisted consists of all N. & S America  but that any place where the  Saints gather is Zion which every  righteous man will build up  for a place of safety for his child ren that The olive trees are 12 stakes  which are yet to be built not  the Temple in Jackson [County, Missouri] as some sup pose for while the 12 olive stakes  are being built we will be at [p. [9]]
JS, discourse, Nauvoo, IL, 19 July 1840; handwriting of Martha Jane Knowlton Coray; Martha Jane Coray notebook, pp. [9–22], CHL.