Discourse, 19 July 1840

[a]tion of a great and high wa tch Tower and then shall  they begin to say within them selves what need hath my  Lord of this tower seeing this  is a time of peace &c—
Then the Enemy shall brak come  as a thief in the night and  scatter the servants abroad  when the seed of these 12 Olive  trees are scattered abroad they  will wake up the Nations of  the whole Earth Even this  Nation will, be on the very verge  of crumbling to peices and tum bling to the ground and when  the constitution is upon the brink  of ruin this people will be the  Staff up[on] which the Nation shall [p. [12]]
JS, discourse, Nauvoo, IL, 19 July 1840; handwriting of Martha Jane Knowlton Coray; Martha Jane Coray notebook, pp. [9–22], CHL.