Discourse, 19 July 1840

and build when they are com manded to do so cease to be  Saviours of men and are thence forth good for nothing but  shall be cast out and trodden  underfeet of men for their  transgression as Reed Peck  was when he aplied in the  name of an apostate for business  in a store in Quincy They told  him that they wanted no ap ostates round them and show ed him the door At this same  store the Authorities of this Church  could have obtained almost any  amount of Credit they could  have asked—
*We shall build the Zion of  the Lord in peace untill  the servants of that Lord  shall begin to lay the found [p. [11]]
JS, discourse, Nauvoo, IL, 19 July 1840; handwriting of Martha Jane Knowlton Coray; Martha Jane Coray notebook, pp. [9–22], CHL.