Discourse, 2 July 1839

Holy Priesthood & the Holy Ghost that they have power thus to speak. What art thou O man but dust & from  whom dost thou received thy power & blessings but from God, then O ye Twelve notice this [drawing of a key] key & be wise  for Christ sake & your own souls sake. Ye are not sent out to be taught but to teach let every man be sober  be vigilent & let all his words be seasoned with grace & keep in mind that it is a day of warning & not of many  words. Act honest before God & man beware of gentile sophestry such as bowing & scraping unto men in wholm  you have no confidence be honest open & frank in all your intercourse with mankind
O ye Twelve and all saints, profit by this important key [drawing of a key] that in all your trials troubles &,  temptations, afflictions bonds imprisionment & death see to it that you do not betray heaven, that  you do not betray Jesus Christ. that you do not betray your Brethren, & that you do not betray the revela tions of God whether in the bible, Book of Mormon, or Doctrine & Covenants or any of the word of God.  yea in all your kicking, & floundering see to it that you do not this thing lest innocent blood be found  in your skirts & you go down to hell. We may ever know by this sign that there is danger of our  being led to a fall & aposticy. when we give way to the devil so as to neglect the first known duty  but whatever you do do not betray your Friend [p. [87]]
JS, discourse, Montrose, IA, 2 July 1839; handwriting of Wilford Woodruff; in Wilford Woodruff, Journal, 2 July 1839; Wilford Woodruff journals and papers, CHL.