Discourse, 27 June 1839

June 27[th] I spent the day in Commerce in council with the Presidency & Twelve we had an interes[t]ing  day Joseph was president of the council. . . .  [drawing of two keys] Among the vast number of the Keys  of the Kingdom of God Joseph presented the following one to the Twelve for there benefit in there  experience & travels in the flesh which is as follows. In order to detect the devel when he transforms  himself nigh unto an angel of light. When an angel of God appears unto man face to face in personage  & reaches out his hand unto the man <& he> takes hold of the angels hand & feels a substance the same as one  man would in shaking hands with another he may then know that it is an angel of God. & he should  place all Confidence in him such personages or angels are Saints with there resurrected Bodies,  but if a personaged appears unto man & offers him his hand & the man takes hold of it & he feels  nothing or does not sens any substance he may know it is the devel, for when a Saint whose body.  is not resurrected appears unto man in the flesh he will not offer him his hand for this is against  the law given him & in keeping in mind these things we may dete[c]t the devil that he decieved us not. [p. [85]]
JS, discourse, Commerce, IL, 27 June 1839; handwriting of Wilford Woodruff; in Wilford Woodruff, Journal, 27 June 1839; Wilford Woodruff journals and papers, 1828–1898, CHL.