Discourse, 30 March 1836

and if one shall say, I wish to go to such a place  let all the rest say Amen.
The seventies are at liberty to go to Zion if they please  or go wheresoever they will and preach the gospel and let the  redemtion of Zion be our object, and strive to affect it  by sending up all the strength of the Lords house where ever we find them, and I want to enter into the following  covenant, that if any more of our brethren are slain or driven  from their lands in Missouri by the mob that we will  give ourselves no rest until we are avenged of our enimies  to the uttermost, this covenant was sealed unaminou sly by a hosanna and Amen.— I then observed to the  quorumsquorum<s> that I had now completed their organization  of the church and we had passed through all the  necessary ceremonies, that I had given them all the  instruction they needed and that they now were at  liberty after obtaining their lisences to go forth and bui ld up the kingdom of God, and that it was expedient  for me and the presidency to retire, having spent  the night previous in waiting upon the Lord in his  temple, and having to attend another dedication on  the morrow, or conclude the one commenced on the last  sabbath for the benifit of those of my brethren and  sisters who could not get into the house on the former  occasion but that it was expedient for the brethren  to tarry all night and worship before the Lord in  his house I left the meeting in the charge of the  12 and retired at about 9 o clock in the evening; [p. 189]
JS, discourse, Kirtland, OH, 30 Mar. 1836; handwriting of unknown scribe; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 187–190; JS Collection, CHL.