General Orders for Nauvoo Legion, 4 May 1841

violence—no other views are entertain ed or tolerated.
The general parades of the Legion  will be in the city of Nauvoo, but all  other musters will be within the bounds  of the respective Companies, Battalions,  Regiments, and Cohorts.
The 8th Sec. of “An Act for the  organization and government of the  Militia of this State” in force July 2nd,  1833, provides that “when any person  shall enroll himself in a volunteer com pany, he shall forthwith give notice in  writing to the commanding officer of  the company in which he was enrolled,”  &c., and that the commanding officer  of a regiment, or battalion, may in a  certain contingency, ‘dissolve such com pany;’ and some of the petty, ignorant  and impudent militia officers maintain  that such is still the law: but those blind  leaders of the blind are informed that  the 11th Sec., of ‘An act encouraging  volunteer companies,’ approved March  2nd, 1837, reads as follows: ‘So much  of the 8th Section of an act entitled an  act for the organization and government  of the militia of this State, in force Ju ly 2nd, 1833, as requires a volunteer  to give notice in writing to the com manding officer of the company in  which he was enrolled, and authorizes  commands of Regiments to disband  Independent Companies, be, and the  same is hereby repealed.’ If officers  act upon the obsolete laws of the ‘little  book,’ which have been repealed years  since, it will be sweet to the taste, but  ‘make the belly bitter;’ and should any  civil or military officer attempt to en force the collection of any military  fines upon the members of the Legion,  excepting when such fines are assessed  by the Court Martial of the Legion,  such persons are directed to apply to the  Master in Chancery, for Hancock coun ty, for an injunction to stay the illegal  proceedings.
The militia companies of Hancock  county, and citizens generally, are  respectfully invited to unite with the  Legion, and partake of its privileges.
All officers are required to enforce  the most rigid discipline on all days of  public parade.
Persons holding enrolling orders are  directed to act with energy, consum mate their trust, and make prompt re turns to the office of the Major Gener al. The Lieutenant General desires  that all his friends should attach them selves to some company either in the 1st  or 2nd Cohort. This will enable them  to receive correct military instruction  under the teachings of experienced of ficers, according to the drill and disci pline of the United States Army—and  qualify them for efficient service in the  cause of their beloved country, and  State, in the hour of peril.
The eleven companies of minute  men will at all times hold themselves  in readiness to execute the laws, as  originally instructed by the general of ficers.
The officers and troops of the Legion  are directed to treat with proper re spect and decorum, all other officers  and troops in the service of this State,  or of the United States.
Officers are ordered to treat their troops  with marked respect—and while they  discharge their duties with promptitude  and boldness as officers, they must not  forget or neglect to observe the requi sites of gentlemen.
The 2nd Company, (Light Infantry,)  1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, 2nd Co hort; and the 1st Company, (Lancers,)  1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 2nd Co hort, of the Legion, will act as an es cort for the reception of such visiting  companies from Illinois, and Iowa, as  may be present. Should the Governor  be present, it will be announced by a  fire of artillery by the 1st and 2nd  Companies, 1st Battalion, 1st Regi ment, 1st Cohort; and the 1st Compa ny, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, 2nd  Cohort, when he will be received by the  entire Legion with the honors due so  conspicuous a personage as the Com mander-in-Chief of the forces of the  State.
Officers receiving copies of these or ders, will promulgate the same without  delay throughout the bounds of their  respective commands.
Lieutenant General.
Major General. [p. 418]
JS, General Orders, Nauvoo, IL, to the Nauvoo Legion, Nauvoo, IL, 4 May 1841; in Times and Seasons, 15 May 1841, 2:417–418.