Instruction, 16 January 1836

Unidentified handwriting begins.  

I observed that we had heard them patiently and in  turn should expect to be heard patiently also; and first  I remarked that it was necessary that the 12 should  state whether they were determined to persevere in the  work of the Lord, whether the presidency are able to  satisfy them or not; vote called and carried in the  affirmative unaminously; I then said to them that  I had not lost confidence in them, and that  they had no reason to suspect my confidence, and  that I would be willing to be weighed in the  scale of truth today in this matter, and risk  it in the day of judgment; and as it respects  the chastning contained in the letter in question  which I acknowledge might have been expressed  in too harsh language; which was not intentional  and I ask your forgiveness in as much as I have  hurt your feelings; but nevertheless, the letter that  that Elder Mc.lellen [William E. McLellin] wrote back to Kirtland  while the twelve were at the east was harsh also  and I was willing to set the one against the other;  I next proceeded to explain the subject of the duty  of the twelve; and their authority which is next to  the present presidency, and that the arangement  of the assembly in this place on the 15 inst

Unidentified handwriting ends; Warren Parrish begins.  

in  placing the high councils of Kirtland and  next [to] the presidency was because the buisness  to be transacted was buisness that related  to that body in particular which was to [p. 122]
JS, instruction, Kirtland, OH, 16 Jan. 1836; handwriting of unidentified scribe and Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 122–124; JS Collection, CHL.