Letter from Adolphus Allen, 13 July 1841

Des Moines July 13th. 1841
Dear Sir
The diagram below represents the land  that I spoke to you about a few days since. It lies on  a dry & beautiful ridge between two Streams & is skirte[d]  on the north & South by timber. It is admirably calculated  for a number of Settlers on the north & south borders with  One Common field in the Centre which might be extended to  200 acres. (a few more Settlers here would give a preponderance at the polls, in  this election precinct). There is a house with 2 rooms, a Barn with 2  stables, & a large corn house on the lot. this lot contains 80 acres.  The other of 40 acres which is coloured, has about 20 acres of beautiful  crowning prearie & 20 acres of timber, with a fine stream of water  running through it. This lot covers a valuable coal bed which  is very accessible. These two lots I purchasd at $1000. have paid $500.  The residue with interest & cost amts to something short of $700—  They are to be sold on the first monday of August next. Should  it fall into the original owners hands, it cannot be had presume  for 12 Dollars pr acre, as he has lamented much that he <had> sold it. The lot  East of it I gave $10. pr acre for & the one West of the 40— A. Leving gave 10  Dollars pr acre for, with no improvements on. The title to this land is  derived from government — (entered at Quincy) If it can be saved by the  Church, those who may settle on it can be accom modated with land to till  adjoining it of mine—  for any length of time.  With much respect  Your humble servant  Adolphus Allen
[Drawing of Land described above]
I gave 10 Dollars pr acre for this
80 acres
A. Allen
40. acres
A. Allen
Coal Mine
40. as
$10.. Pr acre
A. Levings
Samuel Steele
Coal Bank
J. M. Fadden
A. Allen [p. [1]]
Adolphus Allen, Letter, Des Moines, Iowa Territory, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 13 July 1841; presumably handwriting of Adolphus Allen; one page; JS Collection, CHL.