Letter from Almon Babbitt, 19 October 1841

these things I had full confidence in  and with all my heart acted acordinly  beleiving that my mishon was only to  prepair the way for men of greater  council and wisdom for it was understood  that brother Hyram [Hyrum] Smith would be  here with his family last Spring who  made arangement with me <to> Exchange  a piece of land in Claton for the  Carter house and many other ar[ra]nge ment of like nature. I therefore  began to make arangement after I got  into the State of Ohio for some buisness  whareby I might support my family  without being Burdonsom to the Church  I accidently fell in company with brother  Rank who had on hand a small  assortment of goods he purposed to  Enter into business with me I looked  upon it a provedential open[in]g for me  and we made arangement the good he  brought to this place and we began trade  he returned for his faimly and as  soon as I could make things ready  I took a power of atterney from  O Grainger [Oliver Granger] and Started East for the  purpus of liquadating some judgements  against p[r]operty in this place I was  Successful in making Exchanges knew  nothing of enny change of operration at  your City untill Br Hyrum and Doct [p. 2]
Almon Babbitt, Letter, Kirtland Township, OH, to JS, Hyrum Smith, and William Law, Nauvoo, IL, 19 Oct. 1841; presumably handwriting of Almon Babbitt; seven pages; JS Collection, CHL.