Letter from Almon Babbitt, 19 October 1841

Kirtland Oct 19 1841
Dear Brethren having an opertunity  of Sending a letter to you by Br. [Newel K.] Whitney  I impr◊◊e the Same and am happy to  inform you of the good health of my  family and of the Brethr[e]n here in genral  it has been very healthy here this Season  and as we are informed the health of your  City has mutch increased the present Season  for which let us be very greateful to our  heav[en]ly father from where we receive  all blessings boath Spirtual and temporal
My obgect in writing this letter is  to give you this present history of this  place and my feelings in Relation  to things that have and are transpiring  You brethren are aware that one  year ago by your Council I left  your City to come to this place fore  the purpas of laboring in word and  Doctrin which I ha[v]e allways felt  delited to do sence my acquaintance with  the fullness of the Gospel
You brethren have not forgoten the  Council that you gave me consern ing your coming to this place [p. 1]
Almon Babbitt, Letter, Kirtland Township, OH, to JS, Hyrum Smith, and William Law, Nauvoo, IL, 19 Oct. 1841; presumably handwriting of Almon Babbitt; seven pages; JS Collection, CHL.