Letter from Benjamin Winchester, 18 September 1841

livelyhood I should like it very much  There is much printing to do in Nauvoo  and as I am prety well <somewhat> acquainted with  that buisness perhaps you could get  me a situation of that kind
Elder [John E.] Page is here and talks of  staying till Spring but whether he will  or not a I cannot tell neither do I  care for it not any of my business  All I have to say is that the way  the repremand given in the “Times  and Seasons” is explained away  is a caution [illegible] it amounts to  this the Lord and you were mistaken  H[e] pretends that he has not got mon[ey]  enough; to this, I say he had money  enough according to his own state ment when he arrived here first  to overtake O[rson] Hyde in England or  Germany which he might <have> done  had he been expeditious And he says  that Hyde has enough to bear  the expenses of them both I think  that he has given up the idea of overtaking  Hyde in Europe but thinks of sed a going  immediately to Jerusalim without  passing through the interior of Europe  Dont understand me that I wish to accuse  Br Page to you for I do not— It seems to  me that B Hyde will be on his way back  before Elder Page gets there [p. [3]]
Benjamin Winchester, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 18 Sept. 1841; presumably handwriting of Benjamin Winchester; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.