Letter from Benjamin Winchester, 18 September 1841

Phildelphia Sept 18th 1841
Dear Brother in the Lord
Having a few leisure  Moments I set myself down to  write a few lines to you Although  it is some time since I have written to you  yet I assure you that I have the same  respect for you both in your  public and private capassity that I  ever had
<*> I have learned from a letter from elder  Barnes addressed to one of the brethren  in this city that Elder [Erastus] Snow and  myself are set apart to preach in  Salem Mass. Now when Hyrum [Smith]  was here he requested me to accompany  me Br Snow to that place but did  not mean which I promised to do  but did not wish to be understood that   [sh]ould remain there any I great length  of time I have already performed that  mission and assisted Br S[n]ow in comme ncing the work in that city. We published  an “Address” to the citizens of that city a  copy of which I will mail to you, with this  letter Now if it is possible for me [p. [1]]
Benjamin Winchester, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 18 Sept. 1841; presumably handwriting of Benjamin Winchester; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.