Letter from Benjamin Winchester, 18 September 1841

to be excused from here going to  Salem at present I wish to be One  reason is that Elder Snow can do as  much preaching there as they <we> both  could another is that I have supported  myself <and family> with the exception of our board for  the last year therefore it has of necessity  involved me in debt. to pay my debts I  publ published the “Gospel Reflector” and other  pamphlets thinking that I could realize proffit  enough to meet my engagements but  I have not sold enough <to> realize any benifit  from the proffit of them. Hence if I leave  here my debts being unpaid it my  creditors will be dissatisfied and make  me trouble Again my health is verry  poor at present I am afflicted with the  Asthma when attacted with it some times  for a week I cannot lay down It is  generally brought on by cold easterly  winds which are so frequent in the  New England States Indeed I am not able  to travel and preach as I have in former  days If you should request me to go south  to Ba[l]timore Washington or else where I will  try to go as soon as possible If you I could  get any thing to do in Nauvoo to for a [p. [2]]
Benjamin Winchester, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 18 Sept. 1841; presumably handwriting of Benjamin Winchester; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.