Letter from Brigham Young, 7 May 1840

Lugwardin[e] Herefordshire England
May 7th. 1840
Brother Joseph Smith
Through the mercy of our heavenly  Father I am alive and in pretty good health; better  than I should have been had I remaind in America  I trust that you and family are well and I ask  my heavenly Father that we may live for ever; but  not to be chased about by mobs, but live to enjoy each  others society in peace. I long to see the faces of my  friends again in that Country once more. It is better  for me to be here because the Lord has called me to this  great work but it is hard for me to be parted from  my old friends who I have proved to be willing to lay  down their lives for each other. I feel as though the Lord  would grant me the priviledge of sometimes seeing my  old friends in America, give my best wishes to your  wife. I remember her in my prayers and also Father  and Mother Smith. I remember the time when I first  saw Mother Smith and the trials [she] had when the work of  the Lord first commenced in her family. I beg to be  remember[ed] to Brother [Sidney] Rigdon and family also to Brother  Hyrum [Smith] and family and to all the faithful in Christ. the
The brethren that have come from America are all  well and doing well
I want to ask some questions. Shall we print the  Book of Mormon in this Country immediately; they are  calling for them for every quarter. The duties are so high  on books, we need not think of bringing them from  America; another question is the book of Doctrine and Cov enants to be printed just as it is now to go to the nations of  the earth, and shall we give it to them as quick as we  can or what shall we do. Will the twelve have to be  together to do business as a quorum, or shall they do business  in the name of the church. Why I ask this is for my own  satisfaction, if the Lord has a word for us, for one I am  willing to receive it. I wish you to write as soon as you  receive this and let me know about the book of Mormon [p. 151]
Brigham Young, letter, Lugwardine, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 151–153; JS Collection, CHL.