Letter from Don Carlos Smith, 3 June 1841

Bare with me Joseph while I write— I  have no opportunity to converse with  you— you are thronged with busi ness— and all the time (almost) in the  narrows, straining the last link, as it  were, to get out of this & that Pinch  &c. &c. all this I know, I am not ig norant of it— I have been, and now  am in the <same> mill— when I’ll. get  through the hopper I know not,  one thing I do know, and that is  this when I got into the hopper in  this place I was owing in Kirtland  and elsewhere about $200,00 <or more> and <up◊◊◊ds> w [hole in page]  not worth a red cent. I borrowed money  to commence business— built a log  cabbin— built an office— was sick  upwards of 11 months with my family — have not obtained any thing on the  rise of property— did not purchase  any lots in the city because I knew  you must have your money  for them or loose the whole— I  have labored hard early. and late fared hard— received nothing by spec ulation, or rise of property; but in  the midst of all, I have not complained,  nor will I— but have tried to be con tent, and done the best I knew how. I  have paid the best part of my old debts, [p. [2]]
Don Carlos Smith, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 3 June 1841; handwriting of Don Carlos Smith; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.