Letter from Don Carlos Smith, 3 June 1841

and have contracted new ones by borrow ing of “Peter to pay Paul,” (as the max im runs) I owe about five hundred  dollars in all; I have papers on hand  <and accounts> to the amount of 800 or 1000 dollars, and  <accounts> The printing establishment, aparatus  &c. is worth $1500,00. you see by this  that if I could raise five hundred dol lars, to pay my debts, out of my land or  in any way; it would leave me a prop erty of $2500,00, or at least 2300,00  dollars. Now this is my exact situat ion, and I have written it because  because I had not the opportunity  of talking it, and I hope you will  not think strange of this letter, because  I am going away and do not know but  what you could sell this land for me  while I am gone. The title is good &c.  &c. Would you, or could you let me have  city property here, for the property which  Elder [Oliver] Granger has in Kirtland that should  be mine? I have reference to the house  and lot. You can tell me all about these  matters when I come home.
As it did <not> fall to my lot to get an interest in  the store with you by selling out &c. which, after  due reflection, did not appear to <be> wisdom for  the present; I feel anxious to enlarge the  printing business by publishing a weekly  news paper, and I think it will do well, if  it should, it will be very valuable.
Don Carlos Smith, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 3 June 1841; handwriting of Don Carlos Smith; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.