Letter from Edward Partridge, 13 June 1839

be apt to tear it to pieces, You percieve that I have not means to get you  twine at present therefore I presume that you will not blame me for  not doing it.
15th—— Were I well I would go up to Commerce with br [Newel K.] Whitney  and settle with the committee & br Rogers and see what is best to do—  probably may come next week.
If br [Stephen] Markham could sell one yoke  of cattle and let me have the avails of them I should be glad, and I think  it best to let two yoke that are up there go to father Meyers, As to team  to move up some of the poor, do as you think best
Prest J— Smith Jr
Mr Joseph Smith Jun
Commerce, Hancock— Co. Ill, [p. 69]
Edward Partridge, letter, Quincy, IL, to JS, Commerce, IL, 13 June 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 68–69; JS Collection, CHL.