Letter from Emma Smith, 6 December 1839

that Mr John P. Green[e] sent to Eben[e]zer Robinson containing  the names of a number of subscribers he wants the letter on  account of the names
Fathers health has been remarkably good so untill today he  is not so well as usual, Mother is well.
I The disturbance between Gov. [Lilburn W.] Boggs and the Iowa is still  increasing, a sheriff of the Iowa crossed Skunk river at Col [Lyman] Wights  place this week with a Missourie Sheriff his prisoner who was  take[n] while he was collecting his govenors taxes and from all  the information we get there is three thousand Mo troops now  on their march after him the mails are stoped and at the  mouth of the Desmoin the Misourians retained the powder and  lead that belonged to the merchants above them and sent  the other goods as usual, this is all the information we can get  on the subject yet and we have some serious impressions that  it is true.
There is great anxiety manifest in this place for  Your prosperity and the time lingers long that You is set for  Your return, the day is is waning and night is approaching  so fast that I must reserve my better feelings untill I have  a better chance to express them.
Yours affectionately
Joseph Smith jr. [p. [2]]
Emma Smith, letter, Commerce, IL, to JS, Washington DC, 6 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Emma Smith; two pages; Charles Aldrich Autograph Collection, State Historical Society of IA, Des Moines, IA. Includes endorsements.