Letter from Horace Hotchkiss, 11 October 1841

Fair Haven 11th. Oct. 1841
Rev. Joseph Smith
Dr. Sir— I have just returned from New Jersey  where I met Mr James Ivins and he has paid me the 2,500 dollar  Note given me for the Wm. White purchase— He now has a tract  of land in the pines consisting of one hundred and odd acres of not  much value belonging to your church and the same mentioned in Doct.  Garlands [Isaac Galland’s] letter to me— Mr. Jas. Ivins has also the Tavern Stand at Cooks  Mills belonging to the Church which has been heretofore valued by some  I beleive at 2500 dollars— Now in order to make the payment of  interest as easy to your Church as possible I proposed to Mr James  Ivins to receive this 137 acres pine land and the tavern stand for Three  thousand dollars— It is possible that these two pieces of property were  taken for more than that sum by the Church but that they will bring  even that sum now cannot be expected— Mr Ivins has given  me a contract for the delivery of these two pieces property for three  thousand dollars provided that the arrangement meets the approbation  of the Church on his arrival at Nauvoo— That they are solicitous  to pay this interest I have your own and other assurances— An  opportunity now occurs for commencing the payment upon favourable  terms and I wish you sir if convenient immediately to write me and say  whether this conditional contract meets your acceptance
In much haste
Horace Hotchkiss, Letter, Fair Haven, CT, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 11 Oct. 1841; handwriting of Horace Hotchkiss; one page; JS Collection, CHL.