Letter from Hyrum Smith, 2 January 1840

having the approval of Heaven, I would say, go on  dear Bretheren in the name of the Lord, and while  you are pleading the cause of the Widdow and the  Fatherless, may He who has promised to be a Father  to the Fatherless and a husband to the Widdow  bless you in your undertaking and arm you  with sufficient strengh for the herculean task  in which you are engaged: Your exertions will  be seconded by the Bretheren in this region, who  are desposed to do all they possibly can.
I had just got ready to start for Springfield  when I received your letter, I no sooner read it than  I abandoned the idea of going there. I then made  exertions to obtain funds for you in this place; but  not being able to get any, and hearing there were breth eren in Quincy lately from New York; I started off  the following day and succeeded in obtaining from  Bro. Hewingshaw three hundred Dollars which I deposited  with Messrs Holems & co Merchants in Quincy, subject to  the order of Judge Young, the reason why I deposited it  with them was in consequence of the Banks not doing any  business and refusing to take deposits &c—
I hope that we shall be able to raise you some more  soon: Bro Wm. Law has promised to let us have one hun dred Dollars as soon as he gets a remittance from the  East, which he expects daily. We have not been able  to get much on the City lots since you left, not more  than enough to pay some wages for surveying and a  few debts, Bro. Lyman Wight returned the subscription  paper a few days ago, stating that he had not  collected any thing on the same since you left, In con sequence of my health which has been poor and the cold ness of the weather I have not been able to attend to it  myself, I hardly think we shall be able to raise the one  thousand dollars for Mr Wm. White by the time he will expect  it. Elder [Oliver] Granger is yet in Commerce, not being able  to move in consequence of the low stages of water in the  ohio river. I received a letter lately from Parl[e]y P. Pratt,  stating that he was in City of New York had published [p. 92]
Hyrum Smith, letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS and Elias Higbee, Washington DC, 2 Jan. 1840; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 91–94; JS Collection, CHL.