Letter from Isaac Galland, 5 April 1841

Philadelphia April 5th, 1841.
Dear Brother Joseph Smith:
Through the mercies of our Heav enly Father we have been prospered on our  journey thus far—we have enjoyed reasona ble health on the way, and have succeeded  in accomplishing a part of our business.—  Brother Hyrum [Smith] has labored unremittingly in  the word and doctrine on our whole route;  he has been joyfully received by the brether en every where. I trust his labours will be  like bread cast upon the waters to be gather ed many days hence. We have had the cheer ful and valuable co-operation of the services  of brothers Babbit [Almon Babbitt] and [Benjamin] Winchester, who have  aided us in the object of our mission. But  amidst the cheering prospects of our present  prosperity, it has pleased our Heavenly Fath er to remove from the scenes of political tur moil and party strife, our beloved [William Henry] Harrison.  That the ways of the Almighty are inscruti ble to the human mind, his wisdom surpas sing our deepest researches, his councils ex ceeding our most exalted perceptions of pro [p. 399]
Isaac Galland, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 5 Apr. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 1 May 1841, 2:399–400.