Letter from Jacob Stollings, 12 April 1839

Dear Sir Enclosed I send you the receipt which I promised and  if you will pay the necessary attention to it, and it will be a benefit to  the Church and to me, and I think with a little attention on your part  they can be produced, and any person who will deliver them at any point  in the State so I can get them, I will compensate them well, as I know  you feel deeply interested in the welfare of the Church, and when you consider  that it will add to their character and look upon it in a proper light, you  will spare no pains in assisting me in the recovery of those books.
Yours &c in haste
Jacob Stollings
Gallitin, Davies County Mo
April 12th 1839
Know all men by these presents.
That I Jacob Stollings have this day agreed with  Joseph Smith Jr to release all members of the Mormon Church from any and all debts  due to me from them for goods sold to them by me at Gallitin during the year 1838 on the  following condition viz: that said Joseph Smith Jr return or cause to be returned  to me the following books— one Ledger— three day books, and one day book of Groceries  which was taken from my store in Gallitin when said store was burned,
And if said books are returned to me within four months this shall be a  receipt in full to all intents and purposes against any debt or debts due from  Said Mormons to me on said books, but if not returned, this is to be null and  void. Given under my hand this day and date before written. Ja
Jacob Stollings
Attest J Lynch [p. 50]
Jacob Stollings, letter, Gallatin, MO, to JS, Adam-ondi-Ahman, MO, 12 Apr. 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 50; JS Collection, CHL.