Letter from John E. Page, 1 September 1841

Bro Smith the high Priest of the most high God with  a shineing retinue of the heavenly host attending down  the skye Ranked with Micheal, Gabrel and the Prop[h]ets  Joshua Gideon and the rest of those high Priests of God  and Martialing charecters with Jesus the great head of  Church of the first born made perfect as their great  leader to take possession of the Earth chain the Devil  and conquer Death and him that has the power thereof  which is the Devil— with those bright and glorious  prospects before you do not mourn as those that  have no hope but regard that your names are writen  in heaven and that becaus we are blessed with the ever lasting gospel and the eternal Priesthood of endless  life whic[h] is the assureance and seal to life— glory— and  imortality beyond the grave— hold on to the integrity of  the Lord in that he has said Blessed is the dead that die in  the Lord— from henceforth (I E hence forth from the  time of the ministry of the everlasting gospel) for  they rest from their labours and their works do fol low them— To all the relitives of the decd. and the ch urch as a body— May the God of peace speak peace  to your mourning Spirits and make up the loss of  Bro Smith with a more copeous effusion of the holy  Spirit to your full and complete sanctifycation  and ultimate salvation in the Kingdom of God. even  so in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ— Amen
A few words concerning my Mishion and then I  close— It is now a few days over one year since Elder  [Orson] Hyde left me in cincinnati— the latest account  I have had of him was a letter dated the 8 of June  1841 he was then in London expecting to start in a  day or two for Rotterdam of Germany his letter was  addressed to Elder [Lucian] Foster of N, Y— I was in N. Y— some  two or three weeks I returned to this city on busyness  I shall return to N— Y— soon— Elder Hyde left the  city of N— Y— on the 13 of Feby. with upwards of $500  and clothed in first rate style sufficient for years  besides a good suply of the best of provisions for his [p. 2]
John E. Page, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 1 Sept. 1841; handwriting of John E. Page; eight pages; JS Collection, CHL.