Letter from John E. Page, 1 September 1841

voiage across the ociean— I am here with only $160  and but indiffernt clothes— let it be rem[em]bered by all  the church that Elder Hyde had with him and con cequently took with him all the means that we had  raised for our mishion from Lyma [Lima] of Adams Co. of  Ill— to the city of N— Y— excepting 23 dollars and  31 cents he left in my hands as he left me he alwa[y]s  carryed the bag— at Dayton we parted for a few days  for me to answer a call for preaching in a vilage  called Milton wher I raised a verry respectable ch urch in the mean time Elder Hyde went to Cin cinnati where in my absince he published a  second Edition of the “Apeal to the American  people” (2000 copies) when I arrived the work  was about completed after disposing of as many  of them as posible and suplying the market about  cincinnati and the adjacient country he left  me with some fourteen or fifteen hundred on hand,  to dispose of them the best way you can <says he> while I go  ahead and visit with Churches in Pennsylvania  N. Y— &c. saying to me stay and finish up the preach ing that seemed nessesary to be done at that time  in Cin— I stayed till near the last of Oct and bui lt up a church in Cin—ti— I then considered that  Elder Hyde had gon ahead and suplyed the  market with the sale of the, “Appeal” so I thoug ht best in order to sell my Books I would go back  to Dayton Milton &c and market my lumber that  Elder Hyde had so gracefullly lodged on my  hands as his lackey— I found as quick a sale as I  could reasonablely expect— however before navigation  opened in the Spring— for me to return to cin—ti and thus  procede to N— Y— Elder Hyde left in Feb for Europe  takeing all with him for he had visited every church in  his way and raised in all the Branches a very very  liberal donations in the name of us both— and to make  his plan effectual he has extoled me in every Branch  to be something a great deal more than common [p. 3]
John E. Page, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 1 Sept. 1841; handwriting of John E. Page; eight pages; JS Collection, CHL.